Youth & Family Ministry Safety Training

Welcome to our online safety training page developed for Youth and Family Ministry leaders.  This training course has been designed specifically for those working with teen and preteen youth.  The course consists of 7 modules, each between 10 and 30 minutes long. The entire course takes approximately 2 hours. While you will get the most out of the course by completing all seven modules, each module stands alone and can be viewed independently. Each module contains quizzes to test your knowledge and a completion certificate, which your church may or may not require for you to print and turn in. You should speak to your youth ministry leader about any questions you have regarding how the content of this course applies to your church’s youth ministry policies.

Technical requirements.  This course can be viewed using your computer or tablet with one of the following browsers:  

Windows:  Google Chrome (latest version), Microsoft Edge (latest version), Internet Explorer 11, Firefox (latest version)

Mac: Google Chrome (latest version), Safari (latest version), Firefox (latest version)

Module 1: Foundations of Safety

This module provides an introduction to the key risk and safety areas associated with youth and family ministry.  You will be asked to consider how you can be both a dynamic risk-taker in this ministry and a good shepherd that takes good care of the youth you lead.  (9 minutes)

Module 2: Building an Effective Team

You will likely face some exciting and challenging things in this ministry! In this module, you will consider who is on your team, to support you in your work with youth. Your ability to connect with your youth ministry team, and tapping into the resources available to you, will play a vital part in your contribution to creating a dynamic and safe youth ministry.  (8 minutes)

Module 3: Working with Parents

Youth Ministry plays a supporting role to the mothers and fathers of the youth you will serve. In this module, you will be asked to navigate some challenging scenarios involving parents. Through these examples, we will cover three guiding principles to help you succeed in partnering with parents both in and outside of the church.  (13 minutes)

Module 4: Setting a Standard of Holiness

In this module, we will cover three essential areas for your success working with youth: your example, proper supervision, and setting expectations for the youth you mentor and minister to. We will cover appropriate (and inappropriate) speech, touch, and dress, so that your example is an inspiration and upward call. (11 minutes)

Module 5: Event Safety and Planning

Youth Ministry regularly includes dynamic events, which can lead to exciting memories and a few challenges as well. How do we plan events that are fun, promote spiritual growth, and that minimize accidents and injuries? This module will help you plan effective events, address behavior issues that might arise, and respond appropriately if someone is injured.  (12 minutes)

Module 6: Safe Driving

For many, driving is an integral part of their Youth Ministry service. This module is quite hard-hitting, as we examine the perils of driving while distracted, and the danger this poses to both yourself and the young people you are transporting. We will cover safe-driving practices, as well as cognitive, visual, and manual driving distractions to avoid.  (35 minutes)

Module 7: Child Abuse, Bullying, and Other Challenging Issues

Across the country and in our towns, children suffer from neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.  How do we identify a child who may be suffering from abuse? And what is our responsibility if we have a reasonable suspicion that a child is being abused? This module will answer these questions, as well as look at the issue of bullying, and the opportunity youth ministry leaders have to intervene, support, and protect the young people they serve.  (31 minutes)

About ACO (Alliance of Christian Organizations)

Our mission is to serve the administrative needs of the fellowship of ICOC churches, building unity, strengthening relationships, and supporting church staff and volunteers. Questions or feedback can be directed to [insert email here].

Sample Youth Ministry Policies for Churches

The ACO has developed a sample set of Youth Ministry Policies and Procedures, created as a starting point for or to supplement your own congregation’s working policies and procedures.

Like any set of sample policies, these should be reviewed carefully to ensure they fit with your congregation’s practices, policies, and procedures, as well as comply with your state’s law.

We are also providing a set of annotated sample policies, which provide guidance as to how and when to use each policy, as well as important things to consider. (NOTE: you must download the PDF file to your local computer to see the annotations/notes.)

You can also access a set of Sample Forms, which include:

  • Application Forms
  • Incident Report Form
  • Code of Conduct and Progressive Discipline sample
  • Event Permission Forms
  • Event Budget Form