Pathway Law strives to serve its clients by providing thoughtful trust and estate services that protect assets, minimize taxes, and plan for our client’s best possible lives; and, even after death, continue to support and inspire their loved ones on their own life journeys. 


Integrity. We seek to be persons of high integrity. We aim to always do the right thing, to treat everyone with respect, and to be honest people in every situation. We place our clients’ interest before our own.

Constant Improvement. We pursue excellence in every aspect of our work. This means we are committed to learning: constantly working to grow in knowledge, discernment, and competence, willing to fail as we work toward success, and embracing the change that improvement brings. 

Humility. We seek to have an accurate self-assessment, to be open to critique, and to be teachable. No matter our role or position, we recognize our perspectives can be incomplete and that we have weaknesses, therefore we seek to have the humility required to learn from others, help each other grow, and thereby truly advance.

Collaboration. We believe that together we can achieve significantly more than we can independently. We recognize the value of each individual’s unique gifts, skills and perspective, and therefore view everyone’s contribution as essential to our success.

Courageous.  We are not afraid to do things differently and to do different things, in order to support our clients’ needs and goals, as well as to promote a vibrant and healthy work environment and work-family balance for our staff.  

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