Cody Sensenig

Cody Sensenig
Cody Sensenig

Business & Marketing Intern

Phone: (717) 874-1734

Cody is the firm’s business and marketing intern. He is responsible for the firm’s website and social media presence and supports the firm’s client communication and development efforts.  He also supports the firm’s quality standards through continual honing of systems and procedures.         

Cody is currently a student at Sattler College studying business along with a minor in computer science. Prior to working with Pathway Law Cody interned at Eventide Asset Managementa multi-billion dollar socially responsible mutual fund company.  

Cody enjoys making connections with people of different cultures, including traveling to different countries, especially to southeast Asia, where he grew up (in central China for 11 years and Tibet for 3 years). He loves running and finds it to be the best way of clearing his mind after a busy day. 

“I love stepping into small companies that have real connection with their clients. In the short time I have worked here I have been blown away by the attention to detail and caring attitude that all the staff exhibit. I strive to keep our clients in the forefront of my mind in all that I do, in my efforts to provide our clients even better and more productive engagement with the firm.”

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