Probate and Estate Settlement

Probate and Estate Administration

Personal Representative Responsibilities

If you have been named the personal representative of a friend or family member’s estate, your responsibilities will vary, depending on many factors. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • the complexity and amount of the deceased person’s assets,
  • the types of assets,
  • how the assets were owned,
  • how account beneficiary designations were set up,
  • the types of liabilities,
  • whether or not there was a valid will or trust in place and if you know where it is,
  • whether the beneficiaries are known and can be located, and
  • whether an estate tax return (and payment) is due.

Your responsibilities may include:

  • meeting the probate court’s filing requirements,
  • settling estate liabilities,
  • filing estate tax and fiduciary income tax returns,
  • providing proper notice to state authorities,
  • communicating with heirs,
  • distributing assets, and
  • filing appropriate accountings.

In many cases, if deadlines are not met, there are significant tax consequences and/or tax penalties. A common challenge is that for many, this is a new role and they simply do not know what needs to happen, by whom and when.

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