Probate and Estate Settlement

Probate and Estate Administration

Why Us?

We have significant experience settling estates and are well-versed in the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the probate process in Massachusetts. We are also experienced in administering and funding trusts, as well as filing estate tax returns.

If the deceased did not have an effective estate plan in place at the time of his or her death, we can often implement “post-mortem planning techniques” to fix problems that would otherwise cause tax exposure or other problems for beneficiaries.

When you become a client, we will map out a specific settlement process project plan, with various stages, and assign responsibility for various tasks to you as the personal representative or trustee, and to our various attorneys and team members. We will revisit this plan regularly throughout the process to ensure we are on track to hit key filing deadlines and, ultimately, bring the estate settlement to closure.

Finally, as describe in the Our Fees section, we have staffed our probate and estate administration group so that much of the work can be done by seasoned paralegals at their lower rates, with our attorneys engaging where needed and overseeing the work.  

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